Pilot Pro Serie
Pilot Pro Serie

Das high-end-display für leads

Pilot call fe für alle gesamttypen LED displays

1.das hochmoderne NPP display für veranstaltungen, auf der xr-bühne, für virtuelles atelier und so weiter.
2. Schlösser und schnell verschlossen mit einer hand öffnen, um 8.einiges zu verringern.
3. Standardisierte automatische Lichtbogenverriegelung: ±3°/0/±6°; Optionale automatische Lichtbogenverriegelung: ±2.5°/0/±5°;
4. Gehilfen Bogen, l, stachel, anastomose usw.

Pilot Pro Serie
Pilot Pro Serie
Protection for Players

1s lock and go. Ultra-thin & light Pilot Pro features patented interlocks to enable speedy operation one-handed. Automatic arc lock allows a simple rotation to curve the LED wall quickly.

Emergency Access

Module supports both front and rear maintenance. Integrated central box can be pressed and unlocked for friendly replacement. Ergonomic climbing frame supports high load bearing for easy in-service maintenance.

Ultra-High Potection

To protect lamps from damage, the LED panels feature one-press semi-automatic corner protectors and can stand on the ground at an angle. Besides, adopting extra gluing around the module improve anti-collision capacity and optional nano-coating craftsmanship efficiently resist moisture, dust, etc.

Shape Your LED Wall As You Want

Pilot Pro adopts universal hanging bars and stacking bars. Moreover, Pilot Pro also enables curved, staggered and 90° splicing for more creative shapes.

Elaborate Module Design

Universal modules can be magnetic or screw fixed for higher flexibility. What’s more, modules are designed with to-be-mained markers and distributed with cooling vents to dissipate heat efficiently.

Double Backup, Higher Integrated Stability

Dual signal interfaces prevent poor transmission due to signal interruption. Modules and huboard are connected with integrated gold finger connector for higher stability.

Excellent Display Performance for xR Application

Pilot Pro is optional with higher refresh rate, higher frame rate & higher grayscale to deliver exceptional visuals for application in virtual production, xR and film studios.

ModellPilot Pro1.5 (XR)Pilot Pro1.9 (XR)Pilot Pro2.6Pilot Pro2.9Pilot Pro3.9
Pixel Abstand (mm)
Abmessungen Panel(mm)500*500500*500500*500500*500500*500
Bildwiederholungsrate Panel(Pixel)320*320256*256192*192168*168128*128
Material des GehäuseAluminium Druckgussgehäuse
Gewicht Panel(Kg/pc)88888
Zugang der WartungWartung von hintenWartung von hintenWartung von hintenWartung von hintenWartung von hinten

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